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Mariah Eaton

Though I’m not from Nebraska, I’m happy to call it home. I moved here from small-town Wyoming and had to adjust to the heat and humidity, but I love the people and the scenery here! I received my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln during which time I learned the importance of becoming a Huskers fan. During my master’s program, I received EMDR training as well as training in the Gottman Method for couples levels 1 and 2, Attachment-based Family Therapy, and Emotion-focused Therapy.


B.S. Brigham Young University

M.S. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

About Mariah

Throughout my life, schooling, and work as a therapist, I’ve learned a lot about people and the importance of connection. I believe in the power relationships can have in the healing process, so I not only enjoy working with families, couples, and individuals to improve their relationships and individual functioning but also strive to be someone with whom my clients can have a strong connection. My belief is that such a client-therapist relationship gives space for vulnerability and promotes change. With this in mind, my approach focuses on healing trauma, relational strains, and negative thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of individual and relational thriving. I use trauma-informed therapeutic models consistent with this focus to help individuals and families reach their goals.


When I’m not being a therapist, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, reading, watching movies, and being outdoors when the weather is nice. I miss being able to hike in the mountains but love walking through Lincoln’s lovely neighborhoods. I enjoy getting to know people and strive to be culturally sensitive and to learn from my clients. I’m excited to work with you!


Please feel free to contact Mariah through email or phone.

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