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Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy Session

How frequent are sessions?

         Sessions usually occur on a weekly basis, and find this is most effective, but frequency can vary.  In some cases sessions occur multiple times per week, while in others sessions occur once every two to three weeks.  Frequency is an important dialogue for us to have once sessions begin.   

Is going to therapy worth the cost? 

          We continually encourage discussion surrounding goals and objectives for treatment, and how

progress looks during the course of therapy.  In 2015, well-known couples researcher John Gottman    

found the vast majority of couples (about 75%) experience significant improvement in their relationship

when the therapist uses evidence-based models.  Our models are all evidence-based. 

Why choose couples therapy/a marriage and family therapist?

         Counseling and mental health possess multiple different avenues to gravitate towards.  My training as a marriage and family therapist allows me to view you, the system the you are in, and how previous systems affected you through time.  Relationships and connectivity mold us as individuals, therefore acknowledgement of those along the way helps me work in a holistic nature.  The research also backs this notion: "patients treated by MFTs had the highest success (86.6%) and lowest recidivism rates (13.4%) compared to the other mental health professions" (Crane, 2011)*.   

*Crane, Russell D., and Scott H. Payne. “INDIVIDUAL VERSUS FAMILY PSYCHOTHERAPY IN MANAGED CARE: COMPARING THE COSTS OF TREATMENT BY THE MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONS.” Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 37.3 (2011): 273-89. Print.

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