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Garth Hamilton

I'm a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner (LIMHP #1859) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#184) here in Nebraska.  I graduated with a Master's Degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Marriage and Family Therapy program.  My degree included a Medical Family Therapy certification from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  In 2015 I started this practice, and love to see it grow as we continue to serve more of Lincoln through the years.  I've been an elected member on the board of the Nebraska Association of Marriage and Family Therapists throughout my career.  I grew up in Lincoln and take a tremendous amount of pride in serving the community that helped raise me. 


B.S. Morningside University

M.S. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

About Garth

My training and background is in couples and family therapy, however I see a wide range of individuals, couples, and families.  All are welcome!  I work with a strength-based approach in viewing individual's lives through a biological, psychological, and social lens.  I also focus on how individuals connect with each other, as well as how those connections fuel us in different areas of our lives.     

I find immense importance in client-centered treatment.  What I mean by this is: you know yourself better than anyone else; therefore my role is to provide concepts, education, and training that assist with achieving your goals.  I target how we as people perceive the world around us and look to grow thoughts into a healthier and more positive frame of mind.  

My approach for couples' therapy is to view the relationship as the client.  I use multiple techniques to improve communication, help create understanding, encourage empathetic listening, and rebuild trust.  I work with couples to continuously demonstrate commitment and strengthen friendship towards each other.   


Many times our society pushes the thought of 'time heals all.'  Through my clinical experience I've found intention is what truly helps heal.  Therapy is just that, a process of building hope and change through intention. 


Please feel free to contact Garth through email or phone.

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